When is quarantine not quarantine?

So you’re in lockdown. How’s your quarantine going? That was a trick question. Why? Because you may be in lockdown but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in quarantine. “Ah,” you say. “That’s because we’re self-isolating.” Again, not necessarily. “Ah,” you say again (but louder this time). “We are practising social distancing.” Yes. You are practisingContinue reading “When is quarantine not quarantine?”

Lockdown balcony music

While Mrs Amanda Jones was still on our block’s Whatsapp group and energetically vetoing everything anybody ever suggested, one of the neighbours set up rebel faction in the form of a Whatsapp group for residents with children. (Mrs Amanda Jones has a child but, being the target of the rebellion, she was not included onContinue reading “Lockdown balcony music”

Having a lovely lockdown in the parks

We are lucky that the current lockdown rules allow us to go out to exercise (once a day only!) and that the parks are still open. There has been some confusion over what counts as “exercise” but the general guidance is that walking, running and cycling are OK; more “sociable” activities are not.   The weatherContinue reading “Having a lovely lockdown in the parks”

#ClapForOurCarers, then have a schnapps

At 8pm on 26 March people around the country went to their windows, doorsteps and balconies to applaud the National Health Service (NHS). The initiative was hashtagged #ClapForOurCarers and #ThankYouNHS. Landmark buildings were lit up in blue, the colour of the NHS logo. (I’m not sure whose benefit that was for, since the city centreContinue reading “#ClapForOurCarers, then have a schnapps”

Mrs Amanda Jones is outraged by children playing in the garden

With schools closed, playground gates locked and outings limited, a couple of families in our block released their offspring into the communal garden one afternoon to let off steam. This was swiftly followed by a message posted on our block’s Whatsapp group by Amanda Jones (or “Mrs Amanda Jones”, as she styles herself on Whatsapp),Continue reading “Mrs Amanda Jones is outraged by children playing in the garden”

Mild lockdown

Under the lockdown, which began on 24 March, non-essential businesses had to close. The following can remain open: Parks Supermarkets Food shops Health shops Pharmacies Petrol stations Bicycle shops Home and hardware stores Laundrettes and dry cleaners Car rentals Pet shops Corner shops Newsagents Post offices Banks We have been told to stay at home,Continue reading “Mild lockdown”

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