Show your patriotism by being thin!

The government has decided that we must stop being so obese. We are putting the National Health Service under strain by going around having obesity-related health problems, particularly by making ourselves susceptible to covid.  The government has therefore announced a “war on obesity”, which includes: Banning junk-food advertising on TV before 9pm Ending buy-one-get-one-free offersContinue reading “Show your patriotism by being thin!”

Due to boredom, we will be discontinuing this pandemic

Well, we appear to have decided that the pandemic is over. Not that people have stopped catching covid, you understand – or, indeed, actually expiring of it. Not that a vaccine or anything resembling herd immunity is anywhere within sight. Just that we’re… well, frankly, we’ve become a bit bored with it all. Do youContinue reading “Due to boredom, we will be discontinuing this pandemic”

Masks, absence of

Here’s the thing. Nobody’s wearing masks. Well, not nobody, exactly, but mask-wearers are definitely the exception rather than the rule in the UK. Shop staff don’t wear masks. Shop customers don’t wear masks. Delivery drivers going from house to house to house placing parcels into people’s hands don’t wear masks. My neighbour who is anContinue reading “Masks, absence of”

Finding inspirational people while running

I never expected a pandemic to turn me into a runner, but this year is turning out to be all about the “Well, well, who would ever have thought it?” I’ve been running half-heartedly for several years. Usually that would be an argument to give it up, but (a) several of my friends and acquaintancesContinue reading “Finding inspirational people while running”

Au contraire, a pandemic is the perfect time to hold a protest

The middle of a raging pandemic might not be the most intuitive time to be holding mass gatherings, but it also sort of is. The disease, the lockdown, the loss of jobs, the economic shock and the accompanying stress and fear have turned people’s lives upside down – and not in a fairly distributed way. There’sContinue reading “Au contraire, a pandemic is the perfect time to hold a protest”

Do you want your old life back?

“Sindrome della capanna“, or “don’t-make-me-get-back-on-the-hamster-wheel syndrome” Italy’s lockdown was very stringent. Nobody was supposed to leave their home except in cases of dire necessity, and the police prowled the streets making sure that people were following the rules. Now that the country is getting its covid cases under control (this wave, at least), most ofContinue reading “Do you want your old life back?”

In which we all fail at social distancing

In this post I wondered whether we would all get so used to social distancing that we would become averse to proximity with other humans. I can now report, with some relief, that my worry was misplaced. As soon as the first whisper went round about plans to start relaxing the lockdown measures, everyone wasContinue reading “In which we all fail at social distancing”

Resuscitate, adjust or replace the economic system?

In which we desperately try to resuscitate the old economy, even though we have an opportunity to create a new one At the beginning of the pandemic I thought it was going to mark a massive reset. Our economy would be so disrupted that it we would have to start again almost from scratch. IContinue reading “Resuscitate, adjust or replace the economic system?”

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