Mrs Amanda Jones washes her hands of us all

Mrs Amanda Jones has fallen off the radar. Or she may have been pushed off. Or perhaps just gently nudged.

Soon after the political game-playing in our block’s Whatsapp group (detailed in this post), which culminated in her having her admin privileges removed, I found myself unceremoniously removed from another Whatsapp group of which she was admin. 

At first I thought it was personal – she hadn’t managed to kick me out of the first group, so she was exercising her vindictiveness on the other one. But then I saw that everyone was being removed. Then the group was shut down. 

Nobody had a clue what was going on. The group was for the residents’ association, to discuss things like building maintenance and parcels getting delivered to the wrong flats. It was a useful group and in no way objectionable.

It was not Mrs Amanda Jones herself who had shut the group down but her co-director of the residents’ association, who tends to do whatever she tells him. When asked what was going on, he said “The building management company advised closing the group due to misuse”, which was nonsense because:

a) The group had not been misused. In fact, it hadn’t been used at all for weeks, and the last discussion was a perfectly civil and mundane one about discrepancies in billing;

b) The building management company had told him to close the group? What did the building management company have to do with it? Nothing, that’s what. Although the group existed to discuss matters to be brought to the attention of the management company, the company itself had no presence in the group and certainly no jurisdiction over it.

It could only have been one thing. Mrs Amanda Jones! She must have erupted in a fit of rage at having been so mistreated in the other group that she had decided to punish us in any way she could and had coopted her co-director into shutting us all down! (She couldn’t do it herself because only he, as the founder of the group, could shut it down.) 

So far so petty. 

(Do you want to hear something even more petty, though? My next-door neighbour is a bus driver. I was talking to him, trying to work out what sort of game Mrs Amanda Jones was playing, and he said “Ooh, I don’t like her. She gets on my bus sometimes. When she does, I start moving off before she’s sat down so she goes tottering down the aisle and ends up smashing into a pole!” And he cackled maniacally.)

Shortly after that, she left the other group too – the one where she had had her admin privileges revoked. Why would she shoot herself in the foot like that? Why would she remove herself from her preferred platform for bossing the neighbours around? It was all most strange.

A clue came a few days later, when Jake, the third co-director of the residents’ association, circulated an email he had sent to the building management company immediately after the above nonsense had taken place. He had copied Mrs Amanda Jones in on the email, in her capacity as co-director.

Now, bear in mind that Mrs Amanda Jones has a friend at the management company who she co-opts into writing snooty emails to back her up whenever she wants help bossing the neighbours around, and it was to this friend that the email was addressed. It started off blandly enough, with a list of maintenance issues requiring attention. But this is how it ended:

“BTW: Amanda is raging in our community WhatsApp groups – she has made a lot of enemies in the recent week. I do not talk to her as I think she is a toxic psychopath. Please recognize this and don’t let her manipulate you.” 

Clearly, after seeing that, Mrs Amanda Jones had had enough of us all and wanted nothing more to do with any of us. The group that she could get shut down, she got shut down. The other one, she stormed out of. 

So, goodbye, Mrs Amanda Jones. (I saw her cleaning her windows the other day, so perhaps she is finding alternative ways to vent her rage.)

2 thoughts on “Mrs Amanda Jones washes her hands of us all

  1. She washed her windows – after having ‘washed her hands’ of all of you. She’s certainly taking broad sweeps in her lock-down washing activities.

    I wonder if this Mrs Amanda Jones has every wondered why it’s only on one particular bus that she always bumps into a pole before she gets to a seat?


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