Trump never told you to inject disinfectant

Sorry for misleading you in the last post. Donald Trump would like it made absolutely clear that we all misunderstood him.

The last post showed the video below, in which it sounded as if he was asking doctors if they could look into treating coronavirus by “bringing a light inside the body” and by using disinfectant “by injection inside”:

But he wasn’t asking the doctors that. He would like the following points to be clarified:

  1. He wasn’t addressing the question to the doctors. He may have been looking at the doctors as he asked the question, but he was actually addressing the reporters.

  2. And anyway, the question wasn’t a real question; it was a “very sarcastic question” about “disinfectant on the inside”.

  3. In fact the “very sarcastic question” wasn’t a question at all; it was a statement.

  4. Come to think of it, this statement wasn’t about “disinfectant on the inside” at all; it was about disinfectant on the hands.

  5. And actually, the statement wasn’t about disinfectant; it was about sunlight.

Let’s just go over that again, shall we? I’ve put it in a table for you with the corrections to your misunderstandings in bold so you can understand it clearly this time.


It’s unrelenting work being Trump. You have to deal with fake news all the time.

So are we clear now? The video below shows Trump explaining the above in his own words:

In fact, the doctors to whom Trump was addressing a question about disinfectant injections journalists to whom Trump was making a statement about sunlight have so offended him by not only mishearing him but by then actually asking him hostile questions about it that he is starting to wonder whether it is worth holding these press briefings at all:

Meanwhile, we are giving Dr Deborah Birx a headache and she wishes we would all move on. Dr Birx, the White House coronavirus response coordinator, reassures us that she has “made it clear” to him that injected disinfectant is “not a treatment” (oh, goodness, did she misunderstand him too?) but says that “that kind of dialogue will happen”.

She is concerned that when we get bogged down in silliness like this, we miss the important things.
“Sometimes I worry that we don’t get the information to the American people that they need when we continue to bring up something that was from Thursday night,” she said (at 4:00 in the video below):

You heard what the doctor said. It’s water under the bridge. Why am I even still writing about this? Why are you reading it? Perhaps we should all switch to reading Delayed Gratification or other “slow journalism” publications, which skip nonsense like this and only cover the stories that remain important several months down the line.

One thought on “Trump never told you to inject disinfectant

  1. One just wonders: how could someone like Deborah Birx even have ventured to become associated with the White House in the first place? Any good she could potentially bring about in the fight against coronavirus will clearly only be compromised by virtue of the position she holds.

    Thanks, Lara, for warning us against injecting ourselves with disinfectant and pointing out that Trump didn’t really mean it.


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