Martin’s message: this is our reset moment

I sent my friend Martin a Whatsapp message to ask how he was. I knew that his work had taken a blow from the pandemic, so I was expecting a gloomy and anxious reply. Instead he sent this voice message, which was the most wonderful, uplifting thing I had heard all day and which I have set to pictures for your enjoyment (with his permission):

Martin is a bilingual English-Italian communications professional. You can see his website here (and if you poke around a bit you can find a secret link to his paintings and soundscapes, which are quite delightful).

3 thoughts on “Martin’s message: this is our reset moment

  1. It’s going to be good 🙂 There is much to be fearful and anxious about in times that are uncertain and changing so fast. But I agree – this is our reset moment. And in the stillness and the slowing down there is an element of healing the world is doing – naturally. And I know this won’t be true for all people or all families – but there are blessings and opportunities and new ways, different ways of doing and seeing things that we have almost been forced into because normal as we know it, at least for this moment in time, doesn’t exist in quite the way we have known it. It unfortunately may be harder and more difficult and sadder in the coming days and weeks – but the horizon looks different, better, brighter and some how filled with possibilities.


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