Exercising without a gym

It can throw you a bit to find yourself without a gym, if it’s part of your routine.

It’s hard to replicate exercises that you would normally do with heavier weights, like deadlifts or weighted squats, but I’ve found you can still get a pretty good workout even without equipment.

At the time of writing, we’re allowed to go out once a day to exercise, and the parks are still open (plus, spring is springing and it’s been gorgeous outside [although, having said that, it suddenly clouded over this morning and started chucking hail at me in the middle of my workout]), so I’ve been taking advantage to go to various nearby parks and bounce around, jumping on benches and swinging from bike racks like a kid in a playground. Often the next morning I’m quite as sore as if I had done a “proper” workout at the gym.

I thought I’d share some of my “lockdown exercises”. Of course there are hundreds (thousands?) of bodyweight exercises, but these are the ones I keep coming back to because they’re so efficient — they start burning pretty quickly.

I’m not a professional trainer — if you want a professional, go to a professional — but I enjoy keeping fit, and I hope that these are useful to you if you’ve been looking for ideas for exercising without access to a gym.

To turn these into a workout, here are some formats you could use. Each of the following is one round:
– 8 exercises, 20 reps each (or 10 reps per side, for one-sided exercises)
– 3 upper-body exercises (10 reps), 3 lower-body (20 reps), 1 travelling (between two trees)
– 4 varied exercises, then 3 short sprints

Do each round perhaps 5 times, or until an appropriate amount of time has passed, or until you’ve had enough. If you get bored at any point, stop and go for a sprint, or jump on a bench, or do some handstands against a tree, then come back to it. Alternatively, jog around the park, stopping every five minutes or so to do a few exercises.








6 thoughts on “Exercising without a gym

  1. wow these are impressive! And they look challenging! you are great at this stuff! we have been doing these workout videos here, and some of the moves are similar! We’ll keep working at it. Antonello is getting the hang of it after all!


    1. That’s great that you’ve found a way to keep fit. You told me the other day how in Italy you have to stay within 200m of your home, which makes it a challenge to go out running, and you talk in your blog (jackieinitaly.2020.wordpress.com) about being embarrassed to go out in any case because of the disapproving looks you get. But you’ve found a way, and that’s fantastic – and even more so that you’ve recruited Antonello to join you!


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