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The Corona Chronicles

Watching a pandemic – a view from London

Image: Pete Linford, Pixabay

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August 2020

Show your patriotism by being thin!

July 2020

Due to boredom, we will be discontinuing this pandemic

Masks, absence of

Finding inspirational people while running

June 2020

Au contraire, a pandemic is the perfect time to hold a protest

Do you want your old life back?

In which we all fail at social distancing

The WC in lockdown and beyond

Resuscitate, adjust or replace the economic system?

May 2020

Why not to fear the debt

How slippery is the slope from social distancing to disgust?

Interlude: Tofu the kitten

Asking the wrong question about eradication

When is quarantine not quarantine?

Why are we so complacent until it’s a crisis?

Lockdown balcony music

April 2020

Mrs Amanda Jones washes her hands of us all

This is where the magic is

Trump never told you to inject disinfectant

Please don’t inject yourself with disinfectant

Um, so far so good in South Africa, I think

Semi-legitimate foray to the office

Trump does pandemic his way

Hoping for the best in Zimbabwe

In which Mrs Amanda Jones has the garden locked so we can’t use it

View from an ivory tower in Uganda

Pandemic socialising

Having a lovely lockdown in the parks

Work. How tiresome.

Gratuitous happy dogs

Views from Brazil (2): “People aren’t taking the risk seriously”; “Worried about losing family members”

Views from Brazil (1): “This lockdown is overkill”

Martin’s message: this is our reset moment

#ClapForOurCarers, then have a schnapps

Mrs Amanda Jones nixes my lockdown library

MEDIA COMMENTARY: Fiddling while Rome burns, fun days out for dogs, and drone-shaming

The economy vs. our lives

Mrs Amanda Jones is outraged by children playing in the garden

Mild lockdown

Tarring an entire continent with a single brush

The Economist’s covers

You can’t come out

They’re telling us to stop panic-buying. Should I start panic-buying?

March 2020

Is this the moment the US goes belly-up?

Exercising without a gym

My brother is exposed to the virus: health worries and job worries

“Working” from “home”

MEDIA COMMENTARY: unprepared government, everyone’s an epidemiologist, First Dog on the Moon and put-upon pets

The Italians think we’re irresponsible

Bootcamp goes zombie

So much washing my ‘ands

The twilight ‘twixt then and now

Mom refuses to panic

Never mind the virus — my steak is raw!

The fake-news brigade

Bootcamp — trying to maintain a semblance of normality

The first cases arrive in the UK and Mom offends a choirmate by having bronchitis

Coronavirus is a distant thing — until it’s not

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